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EDI and Invoice Automation Solutions: Accelerating Payment Cycles

In today’s technology driven world, the expectations of vendors and customers are high. Strategic innovation and optimization of business processes are required to achieve future success. That’s why companies are faced with increasing pressures to accelerate payment cycles with EDI and invoice automation solutions. Most have already introduced ERP systems to automate their repetitive administrative tasks. Eighty percent are yet…


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IoT Technology: The Road of Businesses to Success

The Internet of Things is predicted to become the driver of productivity for the next decade. According to Gartner, 20.8 billion Internet-connected devices will be used by 2020 and over half of new businesses will be incorporating some element of the IoT technology. Since almost everything is online these days, your business will generate more data. You need to analyze…


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How Supply Chain Inventory Optimization Minimizes Costs

Many companies struggle with supply chain inventory optimization. They need to overcome distributed data and inventory, navigate complex networks of locations, and manage configurations of thousands of parts. Without the right solution, they will blindly make decisions critical to their business operations. To navigate these obstacles, organizations need to: Integrate inventory management to the planning process. Inventory management is the…


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E-Invoicing: Eliminating Paper in Procurement

Are you looking to improve sustainability in your procurement process? Reducing paper use is the easiest way to do it. It is a win-win situation for companies. Paper invoices do not only destroy trees, but also create problems in organizations by decreasing visibility. As a result, you experience inefficiencies and increased transactions costs. By eliminating paper in your procurement process…


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