10 Best Fresh Tweets about Cloud Integration


Social Media has become a new way to pass information around. It is easy and fast. Plus, it has a wide coverage. From children to adults, everyone is adept on the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and Twitter. The latter is the fastest way to send a message. With only 140 characters required to express cloud integration, people find it easier and faster to read. Plus, they don’t get bored readily from reading long articles about it. Here are 20 of the best tweets about cloud integration.

  1. “In the future digital age, no business will be successful unless it makes the most of the #cloud”: #cloudofclouds ‏- @btletstalk
  2. From lower costs to greater integration. These 4 reasons are why SMBs should migrate to the #cloud via @Entrepreneur – @PulsantUK
  3. Making Data Work for Everyone with #CloudIntegration, Cloud Data Management and #Cloud Machine Learning
  4. #CloudIntegration has become about API management, getting all your apps to work together and increasing productivity
  5. #Appterra Tip: Look for a cloud provider that offers easy & integrated options with vulnerability MGMT for the client’s environment. #tips – @Appterra
  6. Cloud integration – what your enterprise will look like in 2015 #API #cloudintegration – @AkanaInc
  7. 5 essentials of effective cloud data integration, a customer perspective  via @networkworld – @CloudllyDev
  8. As part of the cloud integration industry, do you know the necessary terminologies? If not, click this link #blog – @Appterra
  9. Some very good innovation coming in the imminent @SnapLogic release – even more for the enterprise in the next one. #Cloudintegration – @holgermu
  10. Embracing the Hybrid IT World through Cloud Integration #HybridIT #CloudIntegration – @olssi

Charlie Alsmiller

Throughout his career, Charlie Alsmiller has focused on customer problems in difficult industries such as Energy and Telecommunications. Prior to starting Appterra in 2005, Alsmiller was VP of Global Operations for Allegro Development, a leading provider of software for the energy sector. He has also served as president of OmniSpace Technologies, a leading SaaS provider that he founded in 1999. He spent over 10 years in the consulting world with Price Waterhouse and Deloitte Consulting, where he participated in a wide variety of projects for very high profile clients. Mr. Alsmiller holds a BBA from Baylor University in Management and Information Systems and a MBA from the University of Dallas in International Business. Specialties: Technology ventures, Enterprise Software, Contract Negotiation, International Operations, Private Equity, Product Management, Strategic Alliances, Software Implementation, Software Development

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