7 Companies Leading the Way in Supply Chain


Gartner, Inc. conducted a study on the top companies that lead the way in supply chain to raise awareness of supply chain discipline and its impact to businesses. Most of these companies employ effective supply chain integration to manage the people working with them. Knowing some of the top supply chains makes you to think about their secrets in running their business smoother.

  1. Apple

Apple got the first spot by a comfortable margin over #2. Selling electronic products such as the iPhone and iPad, the company invests up to $10 billion in manufacturing. It has a 3-year weighted revenue growth of 31.2% and a high composite score of 8.85.

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s serves almost 1% of the world’s total population every day. The company constantly launches new products. Working closely with suppliers and franchisees, it focuses on inventory management and collaborative planning. It ranks #2 with 6.25 composite score.


Ranking #3 with 6.08 composite score, has certainly outgrown its reputation as a seller of books. It now owns thousands of warehouses, delivery drones and same-day delivery trucks.

  1. Unilever

Unilever’s sustainability is finally paying off. With its current rank, the company boasts a composite score of 5.32. It continues to shift its supply chain to emerging markets and optimizes its distribution network by getting insights from customers and suppliers.

  1. P & G

Procter & Gamble made it to the top 5 with 5.20 composite score. Over the years, the company has elevated forecasting, replenishment and collaborative planning. It boasts a mature demand management capability, which led to launching and reformulating of products faster.

  1. Samsung Electronics

Garnering a composite score of 5.13, Samsung Electronic does not fall far behind P & G. the company dominates the smartphone market and has shipped more devices than other manufacturers combined. Its supply chain department works closely with customers.

  1. Cisco Systems

The proficiency of cisco’s supply chain dates back before the Internet. It produces routing equipment to empower corporate networks. The company reinvented itself, heavily investing on supply chain development. It is currently known for its risk management and collaborative planning capabilities.   

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