9 Signs You’re a Cloud Integration Expert

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At Appterra, we seek for various skills when we hire our solution experts. We do not only look for solid technical skills and experience but also a wide range of core competencies we found critical to quality cloud integration professionals. Are you a cloud integration expert? Here are a few core competencies we like to see in our candidates.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Cloud integration experts need to be more than just skilled and knowledgeable in their own field. They also need to have finesse and interpersonal skills. Since they work with clients every day, they need to have clear and consistent communication all the time.

Good Judgment, Common Sense and Resourcefulness
Cloud integration experts also have the ability to understand the issues of the enterprise and communicate the solutions effectively from a technical standpoint. They understand that not everybody has a degree in Information Technology. Thus, they need to be adept in framing technical solutions in ways that are easy for non-tech-savvy clients to understand.

Problem Solving Skills and Sense of Urgency
Since Information Technology is a constantly changing environment, cloud integration experts need to have the ability to keep up. They need to identify a problem quickly and fix it because the productivity and profit of the company depend on their actions in the first minutes of the disruption. They also need to think before making a decision. It is important that they are swift and accurate as well.

Customer-oriented and Desire to Learn
Cloud integration experts always have the best interest of clients in mind. They work to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the customers to successfully meet them. They also want to further their learning and stay on top of the latest systems and technology. They have the initiative to gain relevant certifications and keep up with what’s new in their field.

Do you possess the above qualities? If you do, then you are a cloud integration expert and exactly what we are looking for.

Charlie Alsmiller

Throughout his career, Charlie Alsmiller has focused on customer problems in difficult industries such as Energy and Telecommunications. Prior to starting Appterra in 2005, Alsmiller was VP of Global Operations for Allegro Development, a leading provider of software for the energy sector. He has also served as president of OmniSpace Technologies, a leading SaaS provider that he founded in 1999. He spent over 10 years in the consulting world with Price Waterhouse and Deloitte Consulting, where he participated in a wide variety of projects for very high profile clients. Mr. Alsmiller holds a BBA from Baylor University in Management and Information Systems and a MBA from the University of Dallas in International Business. Specialties: Technology ventures, Enterprise Software, Contract Negotiation, International Operations, Private Equity, Product Management, Strategic Alliances, Software Implementation, Software Development

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