Security in Collaborative Commerce Networks



One of the biggest threats to modern data collaboration is a security breach. The fact is that data is valuable, and when you’re using it to improve your operations it is a good thing. But if someone else gets their hands on it, the good goes out the window. So how can you ensure that any efforts to work together isn’t turned around on you? Security systems that don’t skimp or tip toe around the serious problems. Secure data exchange systems are available. In fact, the possibilities are virtually endless with customized supply chain management solutions.

Integrating any data collaboration tools into your supply chain software can help in a couple of ways. First of all, you’ll be ensuring that you can throw as many resources at your security system as possible, from the inside. By using secure software and doubling up with security for your servers, you can reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Secondly, it’s possible that you can share data more efficiently if you have a tool that allows you to use your supply chain management software as a data resource. If you’re working with various companies and clients, an integrated solution will allow you to work together seamlessly.

Security may be a big priority, but all in service to the bottom line. If you can work together with your partners efficiently within a secure data collaboration environment, you’ll save time, which means you’re saving money.

Charlie Alsmiller

Throughout his career, Charlie Alsmiller has focused on customer problems in difficult industries such as Energy and Telecommunications. Prior to starting Appterra in 2005, Alsmiller was VP of Global Operations for Allegro Development, a leading provider of software for the energy sector. He has also served as president of OmniSpace Technologies, a leading SaaS provider that he founded in 1999. He spent over 10 years in the consulting world with Price Waterhouse and Deloitte Consulting, where he participated in a wide variety of projects for very high profile clients. Mr. Alsmiller holds a BBA from Baylor University in Management and Information Systems and a MBA from the University of Dallas in International Business. Specialties: Technology ventures, Enterprise Software, Contract Negotiation, International Operations, Private Equity, Product Management, Strategic Alliances, Software Implementation, Software Development

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