Top 10 Supply Chains of 2015

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Gartner Inc. unveiled the top supply chains for the year, 2015. With its own pool of analysts and peer group, the firm has determined the companies with the best supply chains. Of course, not all companies are considered. Gartner only include public companies in the ranking process. Not every public company is considered as well. Gartner only narrows it down to distribution, retail and manufacturing sectors.

  1. Amazon
    With Apple and Proctor & Gamble removed from consideration, the online retail giant tops this year’s best supply chains. Amazon pushes the supply chain envelope with its same-day delivery, instant ordering buttons, online groceries, delivery drones and delivery to customer’s car trunks. It is currently hiring 6,000 full-time workers, which means it is not slowing down.
  2. McDonald’s
    When it comes to inventory turns, McDonald’s has a proficiency rate of 157.3 that is 10 times its closest pursuer. Its supply chains operations are involved in making new and data-driven product decisions.
  3. Unilever
    Unilever works closely with its global suppliers, sending zero waste across its global factory network. It has reaches 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide savings, which resulted to over $267 million savings worldwide. It currently strives to improve its speed-to-response efficiency.
  4. Intel
    With the dawn of the Internet of Things, Intel becomes a newly-represented market. Its supply chain includes over 16,000 suppliers across 100 countries. The company is involved in reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain and eliminating conflict minerals from its solutions.
  5. Inditex
    This Spanish company is the world’s largest fashion retailer. It is best known for Zara and its fast fashion business model, which brings newly-designed products to the market in just a week.
  6. Cisco Systems
    Cisco’s transformation efforts focus on simplifying large-scale services. The networking company is using standardized processes and investing in improving its customer intimacy. It is also tapping into the IoT to further improve its supply chain operations while developing new IoT solutions.
  7. H&M
    H&M is a Swedish fashion retailer, best known for its sustainability initiatives. With its recent online expansion, the company focuses on reinventing how it captures demand and fulfills orders by fully-embracing omni-channel distribution.
  8. Samsung
    Due to the disappointing sales returns of S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung falls from #6 to #8. Nevertheless, it still impresses 17.7 inventory turn numbers, ranking second to McDonald’s. Its supply chain efforts focus on end-to-end visibility, collaborative planning, replenishment and forecasting.
  9. Colgate-Palmolive
    Colgate-Palmolive aims for transparency throughout its supply chain with the use of collaboration tools, real-time analytics, and what-if simulations. It hopes to leverage end-to-end visibility to improve planning and execution of its supply chain operations.
  10. Nike
    Nike has driven most of its manufacturers to adopt lean manufacturing processes. It drives waste out of its production and supply chain operations by recycling CO2 and zero water. It uses 3D printing to develop prototypes and is looking to use 4D technology to develop adaptable materials.

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