Varying Standards Among Trading Counterparts


Supply chain management has changed over the years. At one time, companies only had to worry about trading partners in their country. Now, the marketplace is global, and so is the supply chain. As you move into the global marketplace, you will notice that standards vary among trading partners. This can cause a variety of problems, from subpar products to injuries, or a lack of compliance with regulations. This can harm your business. The question is, then, how do you deal with these varying standards?

Compliance within the System

You can easily ensure that all trading partners are compliant by adding regulations into the supply chain management system. For instance, you can include document archiving into your system. The standard is six months online and seven years offsite. By adding this into your system, it will be easy to make sure everyone complies.

You can also add HTTPS to your system so everyone uses a secure protocol. All trading partners will have to log into the HTTPS to access the supply chain management platform. That will ensure that your information is protected, even if your trading partners do not protect their systems. The information will be on the cloud instead of their individual systems so it will be safe.

You can also choose a system that encrypts data for you. This will give you some extra protection when you and your trading partners send information. Again, this will protect the information, even if your trading partners do not have secure systems.

Legal date and time stamping is another way to ensure that everyone is using the same standards. You can have the system do this for you automatically so you do not have to worry about your trading partners failing to comply. Even if they are not interested in provided the necessary stamps, all of their documents will be stamped  by the system.

You cannot stand over your trading partners’ shoulders, forcing them to do the right thing. You can, however, use a supply chain management platform that makes everyone abide by a certain set of standards. That way, you can protect your information and your supply chain. That means you will protect your profits. When everyone is on the same page regarding standards, you do not have to worry about your trading partners causing you to lose money. Instead, they will help you make more money with your business.

Charlie Alsmiller

Throughout his career, Charlie Alsmiller has focused on customer problems in difficult industries such as Energy and Telecommunications. Prior to starting Appterra in 2005, Alsmiller was VP of Global Operations for Allegro Development, a leading provider of software for the energy sector. He has also served as president of OmniSpace Technologies, a leading SaaS provider that he founded in 1999. He spent over 10 years in the consulting world with Price Waterhouse and Deloitte Consulting, where he participated in a wide variety of projects for very high profile clients. Mr. Alsmiller holds a BBA from Baylor University in Management and Information Systems and a MBA from the University of Dallas in International Business. Specialties: Technology ventures, Enterprise Software, Contract Negotiation, International Operations, Private Equity, Product Management, Strategic Alliances, Software Implementation, Software Development

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