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Supply Chain Integration Used to Be Costly, Complicated and Chaotic. Not Any More

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“I Didn’t Really Believe It Until I Saw What Could It Do With My Own Eyes”


Disruptive technologies share 2 common things - the desire to make things much easier, and the evolution of simple ideas. They rarely happen, but when they do - they are game changers.

Nearly 40 years ago, long before the Internet was even invented, a chicken shed cleaner from England who grew up in an animal shelter, had an idea while lying in a field one night, looking up at the stars.

That idea would outlive him in books, tv shows and even a movie to become a worldwide phenomenon.

And no-one have predicted the impact it would have on millions of companies around the World struggling to keep up with the speed and pace of doing business on the internet.

cloud-based-erpThat night, Douglas Adams invented an idea called “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,” a comedy story about the adventures of Arthur Dent, the last surviving human travelling through Space after the destruction of Earth by aliens. Dent was able to understand and communicate with all the other aliens and worlds he visited because of a “Babel Fish” a fictional organism placed into his ear, which acted as a universal translator between all species.

Dent understood easily, and was easily understood because of the worlds first conceptual plug-in for language and communication - 10 years before the Internet was even invented.

Around the same time as Adams starry epiphany in the late ’70’s the ANSI released the first universal standard for sharing business documents electronically, creating the origins of commercial EDI. By the time Berners Lee created the world wide web in 1991, ecommerce was firmly established, and now 25 years later in 2016, EDI has become a massive headache with a galaxy of problems.

EDI has exploded out of control for the majority of organisations wanting to do business with each other on the web.


During this chaos, a group of programmers in Texas , themselves avid Adams fans, took the simplicity of the babel fish concept and created a platform to make it easy for any data system in any organisation, in any country in the world, to do business with one another over the internet, regardless of programming language, business rules, or interface.

They took Adams’ babel fish’ idea, and created a very real plug-in platform to solve all language and communication barriers between computers and systems. His disruptive technology has changed the game for over 20,000 businesses around the world already, making it child friendly to do ecommerce.

The Major Problems With Electronic Data Integration


Databases are not coordinated

They are often aged legacy systems, dating back quite some time, and widely diverse in both structure and programming language

Software and Hardware are different

Every existing legacy system has a manual user portal. Many companies have to use multiple portals on multiple occasions just to effect taskflow and data processing streams.

People competency is different

Each system used, requires competent users, trained and skilled in that specialty. Often these people cannot even communicate between themselves because their specialties are very diverse.

Companies speak different technical languages

Each company has unique systems and processes, but they must work together to be truly integrated.  Data transformation is only one part, but often they are specific rules or circumstances which are unique to every business relationship which need to be handled.

Which Means that companies like yours are stuck with legacy systems, that they cannot afford the time or labor to upgrade. Systems with very high processing requirements, mistakes, human error, time delays, and hard costs. EDI is a major headache for many mid sized companies.


The Answer?
Well, It’s Easy

What Does Itzeze Do?


It is an App platform, written to deploy context specific Apps which can produce perfect coordination between diverse databases and e commerce system, over the internet, and completely agnostic to software or hardware. 

  1. It ensures accurate, timely, complete data exchanges between companies and systems
  2. It speeds up lead times to market
  3. It eliminates manual processing errors
  4. It has a full error handling routine
  5. It slashes inventory costs
  6. It has a dashboard to identify all issues along the supply chain
  7. It delivers controlled access to all departments within companies
  8. It delivers trust and profit to the bottom line



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