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Supply Chain Fraud Increases, Detection Becomes Crucial

Many businesses are vulnerable to supply chain fraud. They fail to recognize that it exists in most organizations; thus, they don’t appreciate the importance of detection and prevention. Only a few are deploying the kind of data analytics tools necessary to detect fraud or waste. Others do have the tools but are still learning how to use them. Some have…


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Advantages of Near-Time Data

Having large amounts of data pouring into your organization is one thing, but storing it, analyzing it and viewing it at near time is a whole different matter. Many organizations consider having near-time insights. What could be the reasons aside from to fully understand their company and their customers? Here are some of the benefits of near-time data to help…

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Reducing Fraud and Human Error in Your Supply Chain

Companies spend most of their time focusing on how they can make more money. They go after new customers, add new products to their inventory, and try to purchase their supplies for less money. All of those things increase their revenue but they are not the only way to end up with more money at the end of the year….


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