B2B: Benefits of Global Communication in Business

Many companies are looking to expand to a global level now as communication technologies become more intuitive and comprehensive. Items sold from all around the world may be manufactured, sourced and shipped to another part of the country, or from an entirely different country. This global expansion creates several benefits for B2B companies, helping them perceive the market and industry…

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How to Impress your Chinese Business Partners with Appterra

Working with your Chinese business partners is different from working with your countrymen, especially if you are coming from the West. You may be overwhelmed with the differences in culture when dealing with your Asian friends. If you are looking to significantly grow your business in the Chinese market, you need to know how to affect your Chinese business partners….

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The Role of Collaboration in a Business’ Success

Collaboration among customers, employees and partners is the fuel of any business. It is the driving force for unfailing efficiency and improved results of corporate activities. It is about people working together to achieve a common goal. When everybody is working on the same game plan, great things happen. If you think about it, great success stories are about good…


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