How does SaaS Benefit Enterprises and IT?

The SaaS or Software-as-a-Service model offers many benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. It has become a great alternative for companies that buy, build and maintain their IT infrastructures at exponential costs. In fact, its popularity is increasing because of what it can provide: simple deployment and reduced costs. Most of all, it only requires an Internet connection…


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Collaboration: A Top Priority for Business Leaders

Whether it is between employees, partners and suppliers, collaboration is a top priority for businesses. It is the driving force that ensures efficiency among your tasks and improves outcomes of your business activities. Fortunately, many collaboration tools are available to give your employees, partners and suppliers a sense of community. They help reinforce the benefits of collaboration and introduce unexpected…

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What’s Holding Back Companies from Implementing Collaborative Commerce?

Taking part in the Collaborative Commerce can benefit many companies. It can be a primary means of communication with their partners, suppliers and customers. By using it, they can save money on transaction costs and traveling costs. The loyalty of their customers can also be increased as they become an essential part of the collaboration as well. However, there are…

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Did you know your most critical IT infrastructure may be based on 1970s technology ?

The 1980s saw Value-Added Networks (VANs) emerge as a powerful B2B supply chain communication tool. Because– constant mergers and monopolies aside–the telecommunications market was extremely heterogeneous, and infrastructures varied from industry-to-industry, location-to-location, VANs served as intermediaries who offered “user defined networks:” connectivity between management, suppliers and other key players in the chain that needed to be in the communication loop….

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