What is “Managed File Transfer”? Why do companies need it?

Many companies, both large and small, have certain issues they want to resolve. One of the areas they are at risk is the transfer of files within the business process. Business processes rely on efficient transfer of important business records between people and applications. In fact, the transfer happens more frequently between applications. Approximately 2/3 of the purchase orders, invoices,…

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managed file transfer

Appterra Launches Appterra ONE Managed File Transfer Network

Today Appterra, Inc. the leader in the deployment and management of complex B2B transaction networks, announced Appterra ONE Managed File Transfer Services. Through Appterra ONE, Appterra’s private exchange can now connect seamlessly with all VAN (Value Added Networks), global networks and over 130,000 trading partners in every major industry and region. Appterra ONE boasts one of the largest data exchange…

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