Blockchain and Its Effect to the World

Once information is updated on the blockchain, no one can attempt to alter or forge the records. Blockchain is a disruption that will have the greatest impact to the financial industry. Big banks and some governments are already using the blockchain to revolutionize the way data is stored and transactions are processed. Representing the second generation of the Internet, it…


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supply chain risk

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk through Collaboration

Supply chain risk management is the implementation of strategies to manage everyday and exceptional supply risks based on continuous assessment. It is essential in ensuring continuity and reducing vulnerability. Why is it important for your supply chain to be risk free? A risk free supply chain mitigates business risk and reputational issues. It also creates long term business success. In…

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risk management

Integrated Risk Management Processes Across the Supply Chain

While many companies share data with their trading partners, few integrate risk management systems across the board. This is a big mistake. An integrated risk management system is needed to optimize a supply chain’s revenue and performance. Components There are several components involved in supply chain risk management. The supply chain must: Identify the risk Assess the risk Manage the…

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