Disrupting the Financial System with Blockchain

While Bitcoin is not replacing currencies in the world anytime soon, you should know that the digital currency is relevant to your business. Its underlying technology – blockchain – could challenge our assumptions about the security and reliability of commerce. In fact, many leading financial personalities believe it could transform the business world in the next decades. If you do…

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Internet of Things

The Importance of RosettaNet in Supply Chain Integration

RosettaNet is a business protocol that allows companies to perform businesses over the Internet. It is widely spread in major computer and consumer electronics, telecommunications, logistics companies, electronic components and semi-conductor manufacturers working altogether to form and implement open e-business process standards. What are these standards for? These standards establish processes for sharing business information (B2B). They build a common…

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RosettaNet in 2014

For over the past decade RosettaNet has positioned itself, or so says it’s slogan, as the “lingua franca for e-business.” This self-funded, non-profit consortium of electronic manufacturing, software and information technology companies has a roster of over 40 members, which includes Microsoft, Toshiba America, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Intel. RosettaNet works to create and implement open-source e-business procedural standards across the…

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