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Disregard Your Old VAN (Value Added Network) if You Want Your EDI to Work

Van01 Are you still using your old VAN (Value Added Network)? Maybe it’s time to make a change. Your private network may not facilitate electronic data interchange efficiently, which costs you more time and money. Business to business network communication is important. You need a company that will provide you with communication channels to transmit data and translate formats with…


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Did you know your most critical IT infrastructure may be based on 1970s technology ?

The 1980s saw Value-Added Networks (VANs) emerge as a powerful B2B supply chain communication tool. Because– constant mergers and monopolies aside–the telecommunications market was extremely heterogeneous, and infrastructures varied from industry-to-industry, location-to-location, VANs served as intermediaries who offered “user defined networks:” connectivity between management, suppliers and other key players in the chain that needed to be in the communication loop….

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