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4 Common Supply Chain Pitfalls and How to Prevent Them

The role of the supply chain in an enterprise’s operations are changing. Businesses continue to create value for their customers by providing fast delivery right to their doorsteps and optimizing websites for more convenient mobile experience. While these changes are occurring, several supply chain pitfalls also emerge. This should not be a surprise, considering the number of suppliers involved in a…


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B2B eCommerce Changes Supply Chain Management and Operations

B2B ecommerce is short for business to business electronic commerce. It refers to the selling of products and services between businesses through an online sales portal. Basically, a business makes its client’s business thrive by directing all its resources to make processes simpler and faster – to boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability. It requires a blend of design, user experience,…


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E-invoicing: The Best Way to Succeed in a Competitive Environment

E-invoicing is used by trading partners to present and monitor transactional documents and ensure that the terms of the trading agreement are being met. In this context, trading partners include customers, suppliers and vendors. It provides customers with convenience, accuracy and speed when managing their order-to-cash process so businesses can increase the level of their customers’ satisfaction. If you have…


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6 Qualities You Should Look for in a Cloud-Based ERP Service Provider

Many enterprises today recognize the power of cloud-based ERP. They are no longer concerned about security and reliability of cloud applications because cloud providers have proven that they can deliver well, and perhaps even better than the largest multinational companies. When it comes to ERP, it is not a matter of whether they are willing anymore. It is a matter…


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