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Appterra and Akeneo sign partnership agreement to provide hosting, support and integration services for Akeneo Open Source PIM

April 28, 2016 – Nantes, France and Plano, Texas, USA   Today Appterra, Inc. and Akeneo signed a partnership agreement to extend the capabilities of the first open-source PIM solution to Appterra’s network of global integration capabilities. Appterra will also implement, extend and manage Akeneo solutions for Akeneo customers. “We are excited about the synergies represented by our two companies”,…

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Cutting Supply Chain Costs through B2B Electronic Integration

B2B electronic integration has been around for over decades now. Some industries implement them, while others don’t. Organizations that invest in technology integration find it easier to do business with cloud-based managed services. They are able to cut costs and increase business flow efficiency. They are also able to see improvement in their electronic connectivity capabilities. In a word, B2B…


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Blockchain across Multiple Industries

The blockchain is undeniably a revolutionary technology. As an incontrovertible public record of data protected by a network of peer to peer contributors, entries made in the blockchain cannot be removed or edited. A very popular application on this platform is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Other applications are in banking and financial tech. But as it turns out, more industries can…


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3 Key Issues Every e-Commerce Business Needs to Address

In recent years, e-Commerce has eliminated a lot of barriers for aspiring business owners. Everyone can just easily sell on Amazon, eBay or create their self-hosted website. It has become easier to set up an online shop and market goods across the globe. However, staying on top of the e-Commerce business is not as easy as setting it up. Here…


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